Mooi Bord uit China

Gepubliceerd op donderdag 7 oktober 2010 door Tycho


Fraai logo van een peuterschool in China. Poppetjes beelden ‘samen spelen’ maar de ietwat omngelukkig compositie heeft meer weg van een baasje dat over de borsten van een bazinnetje plast. Is ook spelen, indeed.

2 Reacties op “Mooi Bord uit China”

  1. Karuna:

    Mr. Tan, I tend to agree what lies in the success of the Olympics Opening Ceremony hegnid mostly on the last of your 3 in 1 combination of factors you mentioned.Many people still has a misconception about how to get things done or how things are actually done in China.Perhaps in our own democratic system, we are always talking about those 99 ways out of 100 available which are not workable, and we are left to find that 1 way which might really work, which we then need to seek “approval” from Authorities. By then , we are already lacking in the “warmth” to get things done to the best.To China, perhaps “focus and discipline” could be just on that 1way that really works to achieve the best. And if “focus” is complemented by “warmth” personally in getting things done … you see the results.Personally, I find it could be even faster and easier to get simple things done in China, that is if we know the right way. Perahps, we are still wrongly assumming that Communism in China means a total 100% control of the 100 ways to get a certain thing done. But perhaps, they have actually evolved and alleviated to a level that they can identify that this ‘one’ way which will work best without much debate about what could not work, and yet this one way is still warmly accept by the majority of Chinese, not just in China, but shared by Chinese all over the world.

  2. Adonica:

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